Are you struggling to find a job as a Graphic Designer because of your lack of experience even though you have a BA, MA or diploma in Graphic Design? Or maybe you just have a keen interest and you’re wondering whether or not you should invest your time and money in University. I can help you become better equipped for design work in the real world, helping you to get ahead and teaching you the skills that any reputable design agency would value in their team.

Having been a Graphic Designer for over 15 years I am completely aware of the challenges that any designer might face trying to find work, whatever level they may be at.

My path was different to many other designers I know as I began my career as soon as I left school, joining a design company as a 'trainee Graphic Designer'. This was a brilliant way to learn as everything was hands on. I learnt the relevant computer programmes and followed actual briefs, delivering work to various clients as I became more competent. I was lucky in that it was a small design company and they were willing to invest their time in me, knowing that I would be beneficial to their company for years to come. Nowadays not many companies would be willing to do this and you would usually need at least a diploma or better still, a degree in Graphic Design for them to even consider you. Even with these qualifications, with no real life experience it is difficult to get a job.

Over the years, I worked at several different design agencies in London and in other parts of the UK. Some were permanent jobs, others were freelance contracts. I feel that each and every position contributed to who I am today and being passionate about what I do, I never stop learning. When I did my Masters in Graphic Design, I met several people who had done their BA, but couldn't find work. I noticed that they lacked the necessary computer skills and while it was fun to spend months on a particular project to come up with an amazing idea, in the real world, this isn't practical at all! You need to think quickly, yet still be creative, coming up with good ideas under pressure. You also have to be aware of the client's budget.

While a very expensive image might be the look you’re after, you have to work with what the client can afford and sometimes you have to swallow your pride, forget about your brilliant idea and go with the boring one that the client prefers! This all makes Graphic Design interesting though and not once have I regretted my career choice!

Alongside my existing business I would like to share my knowledge with like-minded people, making your transition into the work place easier.

You could be:

  • a school/college leaver with an interest in Graphic Design
    It might be that you're not entirely sure that this is the path you want to follow, so spending some time with me before committing to several expensive years at uni could be the way to go
  • a BA Graphic Design graduate unable to get work and wanting to know
    a bit more about how to produce work in the real world, expanding your portfolio at the same time
  • a Mum who used to be a Graphic Designer but is out of touch with current software and lacks the confidence to go out into the real world just yet

What are some of the things I can offer?

  • One-on-one tuition, tailor made to suit your requirements in as many sessions as you would like
  • An opportunity to work on realistic briefs, learning the necessary skills as you go along and building up a portfolio for future interviews
  • Advice on creating your CV, building up your portfolio, contacting employment agencies and attending interviews
  • Learning the skills needed on a mac platform, using Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat which is the typical industry standard software in most design agencies in the UK. Please note that I do not offer complete courses in any of the above mentioned software. I will teach you what you need to know as you work through your given briefs
  • How to deal with print buying and how to set up a file ready for the printers
  • A letter of reference from my own design company 'MelDesign360' about your tuition with me

When, where and how long?

  • Each lesson will be 3 hours long, a course typically being at least 4 lessons or more
  • I offer both morning and afternoon sessions on a Saturday, but days during the week can also be arranged
  • Lessons will take place from my home in Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex

Please contact me if you would like to learn more
and we can go from there.

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